Digital Freedom


Digital privacy is our rights which must be extended to all of our digital parts of existence, and this is not what we have the current moment. Our data are being monitored, invaded and used as a commodity and used against our favor to manipulate our daily lives, obviously without our permission. Digital privacy is now more than ever significant debate in global politics, with many countries legalization in strengthens on the name of data protection act, our personal lives are being monitored, and monitored without our personal consent. One’s privacy is the fundamental right that is being used inhuman.

However, data stand as a valuable asset/form of currency when it is over a network/system. Whenever a user starts the system which is connected with an outer network data is transmitted to the government via isp, which includes all indexed searches/ OS version, type/ Browser version, type, pages you searched, subscribed, downloaded information, shopping, videos being watched, your encrypted chat history.

Our digital information is not just being invaded by these legal entities, but these ongoing strings also include some corporate giants who use our personal data to manipulate our social lives and refine their own pockets.

Under the centralized network, these giants almost can access all our private information and can manipulate it according. In the past few years Blockchain has deeply rooted in the human mind as a key node of saving their digital privacy, Blockchain gave a pushup to the need of building new decentralize networks which is capable of weakening the traditional server/client which has gained more and more recognition under past few decades. However, most of the existing public centralized chains/nodes are not capable of storing data in the most guarded way, which had increased the loss of data in mind of these giants and individual digital users. The nature of Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger; data that can be secured is in a more secured minimal way in comparison to the traditional data storing techniques. The highest need for replacing traditional data storage methods over Blockchain is that in traditional method the data can’t be efficiently stored.

Blockchain Mobile Technology

Blockchain-based applications are not just capable of protecting our financial behavior but also any-type of activity over the internet which also include using digital information. The constant flow of high profile corporate data leaks like Facebook, Equifax, Zomato, Quora and many others have increased the need for implementing Blockchain technology.

The current internet on which we are working/using is broken/having trust issues. The most desirable solution to this is Blockchain because it has the capacity to regain the internet with immute trust/privacy with gaining better & greater acceptance.

The biggest issue with the public internet is that its architecture and the user need is not compatible. With very high profile hacks and continuous growth in data manipulation, it is now the necessity of implementing Blockchain technology over the main-net. The current situation of the internet is not more than just a xerox machine/duplication machine which is verifying data and making it duplicate while it is being transmitted over the network. Whenever a user shares any vital information over the centralized main-net the centralized entity which is receiving these information is basically forcing the user to submit the particular form every time, which makes these centralized entities more vulnerable for the data hackers.

The amount of data in making is continuous increasing, according to a report 90% of world data has already been generated from which 20% of data is already in the hands of many data collectors. Itself the world’s largest online social media platform Facebook itself collected more than 300 Petabytes of personal information since the time it is born. In the Big data era, data is being continuous collected and being monitored, personalized and used for modification of user’s social/ digital life. Whereas the users over the internet are generating more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, it seems unlikely that the new problem related to user data security /privacy will pop-out without a new approach. A new approach to using the internet such as Distributed Ledger Technology could help us to improve the issues being raised related to user data safety/ privacy.

A distributed ledger, public Blockchain such as Ethereum, acts differently from the normal centralized internet. Ethereum Blockchain creates a transfer of ownership of the original information despite doing data duplication over the main-network. The architecture of Blockchain clearly defines & improve the human digital privacy of data over traditional internet architecture. Basic behavior of Blockchain technology to create proof-of-information on a network that will be built / increase the trust mark. The implementation of Blockchain technology is too necessary because it gives the promise of enabling data transparency & making data tamper-proof which is impossible over the traditional internet. Blockchain also has the capability to create and self-manage digital identities.

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