Privacy Firm Watchdog ongoing facebook investigation.


AIC ( Australian Information Commissioner ) is still investigating Facebook over the “Cambridge Analytica” scandal, which is held more than 18 months till now, after its final probe down into social media.

World’s largest privacy watchdog opened its investigation on the scandal in April 2018 following till now, was approximately more than 31,000 Australian were part of the famous scandal among 87 million affected users. The investigation took place to specify whether Facebook breached the country’s privacy act, which might involve OAIC ( Office of Australian Information Commissioner ) internationally.

“All organizations that are covered by the privacy act have obligations to the personal information they hold ” OAIC Angelene Falk

The investigation was taken to make ensure that personal information held secure with quality & customers are satisfied with the information provided by the firms about processing & collections of their information.

During the time approx 5 staff were working in the investigation related to facebook, though they are busy with the other workload like the NDB scheme. But since there was no update about the scam, but its UK counterpart finalizing the investigation & fining facebook about 500,000 British Pounds.

Currently, OAIC is continuously working to investigate on the facebook scam scheme. On the other hand, the time frame taken by the investigation agency is around questions.

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