Edward Snowden Confirms the CIA Is Alien Itself.


Including Area 51 conspiracy theories & proofs of sightseeing of alien & mysterious flying objects spotted in the sky. Later on back in June 2017, a former un-named CIA agent revealed about the alien in Area 51. To date, until Edward Snowden revealed that aliens never contacted the CIA.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed classified USA government surveillance program in 2013. When interviewed by Rogan , Edward told him – he didn’t find any single evidence which claims that Aliens did contact the CIA, it seems like CIA encryption is not that advanced to understand them.

I went looking on the network. I know Joe, you want there to be aliens.

Edward Snowden

In his recently released records Snowden revealed that – the Moon landing, climate change is real except aliens contacted CIA.

Moreover, he also explains that during his time in the CIA, he searched the CIA database and its related agencies and found no evidence which claims that humans been in touch with Aliens or at least they never contacted any US agencies. Moreover, he added that – the possibility is that data encryption used by aliens is harder to decrypt by humans. We are not that advanced to make open communication with them. Since it’s hard to explain the behavior out of an encrypted communication pattern which we are not even near to understand.

Edward added – Aliens messages are so highly encrypted that it would render them. its hard to distinguish us from the cosmic microwave. In this case, the human will never realize that we ever received such types of signals or not. The case is even if you get a chance to look at their encrypted messages, even if they are properly encrypted there is no way to distinguish to tell if they are encrypted or not.

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