Need Of Ethical Hacking To Secure Your Data Racks?


Whitehat hackers are functionally capable to carry out all security until they stay under certain guidelines.

In today’s world “hackers” carryout a negative perception, but hacking – even with the intention to break through someone’s security ain’t always hostile.

Hackers are not always about breaking someone’s security & harming their data – Ethical hackers look for security flaws in a system or network & help them to be vulnerable.

A lot of centralized agencies, professionals & organizations now understand that the need for ethical hackers – if you want to protect your valuables, you can’t just lock your doors.

If you visit any job portal, you will see that there is a serious shortage of ethical hackers in the world. And that’s why many organizations do annual research on information security jobs and their salaries.

Ethical hackers are not more than a defense component of a computer or any organizations network. Ethical hackers are best in trying to determine when and where a hacker can affect your computer or network. They are always in the mood to figure out how to keep your network safe from an attack, in short, they are the backbone of your organization. There is a miss conception of an ethical hacker, hacker & pentester around us. They are not someone who will gain access to your system or information without your permission.

So basically a hacker is someone who gains access to your system without your permission. Sometimes even they pretend to be a government agent with whom you share your personal credentials over the phone or your emails ( common known as social engineering and then gains access to your data system )

A pentester is a step beyond, Pentester is an ethical hacker who would try to discover a known and unknown vulnerability which can defect your system.

As the involvement of a security vulnerability is continuous growth, so to take a proactive security approach which can help organizations better to protect their data. To be a successful ethical hacker you should know how to scan, test, hack, and secure system, You should have a throughout understanding of how an intruder can take a security privilege by escalating the errors/ vulnerabilities. They are familiar with IDS/IPS, Policy creation, Social engineering, DDOS attacks, buffer-overflow & virus creation.

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