China To Issue Crypto Licence For Exchanges


Soon china going to legalize & regulate crypto exchanges at the same time.

After a long waiting with the recent upcoming news in the blockchain & crypto world of china, the citizen might soon trade crypto under a regulated environment. Well, the source & licence can’t be verified at the moment, but the source is Tianyancha ( one of the famous data tech company of china ).

Crypto Exchange Licence

According to one of the blockchain enthusiast – the licence could be for “digital assets” ( 数字资产 ) which are commonly used for a crypto context in china. It is one of the famous terms which is used in China. The licence seems like issued for digital assets in Guangzhou province of China. Guangzhou is the place where Shenzhen so-called ‘Silicon Valley is located. Millions of Blockchain-based invoices has already been sent out this year as part of an experiment before the final approval of the licence.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are on serious banned in china since 2017 by preventing country by working it with many financial institutions with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum & others. If this news found true then china blockchain community & colony members will fall in love with it. All the news came in when Binance one of the largest exchanges decided to relocate in Malta. As of currently, there is no official statement has been announced yet by the Liu Kun finance department about the authenticity of the crypto regulation licence. We will have to

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