Journalist & Advocates Are Under Illegal Surveillance?


“Activist community worldwide journalists, activists & human rights advocates are under illegal surveillance attack?”

With the recent confirmation from Whatsapp that the cellular device of many journalists, human rights advocates & activists is being under attack/hacked. The spyware pegasus – sold by Israel NSO group to tap into more than 1400 WhatsApp users globally.

These journalists, activists & advocates are high profile across 20 different nations in 5 continents globally. When asked NSO – NSO denied any of the allegations, according to them they are providing government intelligence and law enforcement which help them fight with terrorism. On further, they explained their technology is not designed to target journalists & human rights advocate, we sell our software exclusive to government customers. So it’s unclear who used the software to hack these accounts.

Whereas Indian govt had asked an explanation from Facebook-owned Whatsapp which needs to be replied by 4th November. Whereas the government is forced to protect their citizen fundamental rights! Since this is not the first time Whatsapp came not to protect their user’s rights and data.

One of the spokesmen from Whatsapp – We have already filed a lawsuit on 29 October 2019 against the company in California under federal law including U.S Computer Fraud & Abuse Act .

London based human rights lawyer – the total number could raise 1400, the possibility that Facebook is hiding the numbers for several reasons.

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