This android app can swipe-off your wallet!


There is already been a lot of concerned pop-ups around the Google play store, the open-source platform already been failing to control the malware attacks within the play-store. Since the last check, Google already keeps dropping affected apps from the app-store but eventually failed to control. The lastest keyboard app can wipe out all your money.

Researchers have claimed that these category apps subscribe users to premium third-party services without notifying them in background. Which means the app linked to your wallet and been making an unauthorized transaction in the background. Researchers have already blocked such millions of requests using Secure-D platform .

These requests came from 11,000 android devices that were under scrutiny, Google had already removed these apps from their store in June 2019 but it continues to find its own way. These apps are still available to download from many third-party websites, which had been already installed over millions of devices. The claim came out that these malicious apps are affective more after it has been banned from the play store. Basically these free keyboard apps navigate the traffic ads via redirections and perform an automatic click from users to premium contents in the background which is not realized by the users.

How to stay safe from these apps?

Users are highly recommended not to download any apps from third-party platform which is recommended to avoid any type of security threat and stay safe online. Moreover if by chance if you have this keyboard app installed over your android device it is best to get rid of it right away.

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