Chrome Is Not Your Privacy Defender.


When it comes to guard your digital privacy Google chrome isin’t best to guard your privacy as same as firefox & brave. Over the past few year chrome became famous for cutting down. it’s user privacy in compared to privacy browsers. Earlier Google said – We are working to provide user’s to control and see what they are sharing.

However you don’t have to wait for Google to update their policies to protect your digital privacy, you can block trackers by adding a few extensions in your Google chrome – which monitor your browsing & keypad activities, some trackers are hidden and act as a malware too.

You can also manage your cookies using chrome browser extension: Cookies are small files which are stored on your computers by websites to store your personal information such as website address, settings, preferences & sessions. An advertiser also use cookies dropped by social buttons on the web-page to track your activities across the social media pages.

So here are the few steps to manage your privacy using some extensions.

  • Direct to chrome store and click extensions over the left.
  • Using the search options on the left side menu, enter and hit the enter button of the extension name you are looking for.
  • Locate the specific extension you want to use , click add.
  • A dialogue box will pop up displaying the permission, click approve to add the extension.
  • To manage all the installed extension click the more option on the top most right (three verticle dot’s) then select more tools and then extensions. You can also turn on and off the extension you wanna use or simply remove it.

As a privacy seeker you can basically add the below list of extension to keep yourself protect from attacks & get more control over the data you are sharing to ISP & websites:-

Net-craft Privacy Extension : Allow you to check the site information and protect your digital presence from being phished from malicious java script running over the website. Moreover the extension also protect your credit card information from being stolen by Shopping site skimmers. It also check if the visited website supports Perfect Forward Secrecy & detect and stop web miners to use your processors which slow down your system.

Cookie Auto Delete: This extension will auto delete unused cookies from your closed tabs, once the installation is finished first enable auto-clean which will give you an option – which cookie you need to delete and which one to keep.

Privacy Badger: The extension is one of the famous to keep your digital identity secured from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), it mainly watches the third party tracker which monitor your browsing activity across the web without your permission. Which gives you simple slider to control how much data you want to control and block. But if the extension is breaking the page you can even disable the button and keep it turned off for that particular web page.

Https Everywhere : Https everywhere is the another famous extension from EFF which makes sure to encrypt your all web communications by automatically redirecting all traffic to HTTPS.

Ghostery: An open free secured extension which is available across all platform and browser which block all scripts managed by the ad tracking and advertisement companies, through it you can stay anonymous on the internet. Moreover this extension gives you option to control the certain configuration of websites where you don’t want your view and click to be monitored.

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