Kerala Had Declared Internet Access A Basic Human Right!


Recently one of the Indian state, Kerala’s cabinet announced Rs1548 crore fiber-optic network project for each and every household.

In November Kerala’s finance minister “Thomas Issac” twitted – Internet connection has been made a basic right in the state”. Cabinet has approved a fiber optic project worth Rs1548 crore to provide the internet to every household in the state. It would be free for all 20 lakhs household who falls below the poverty line.

The Internet is a basic fundamental of “Human Right”, it’s a long debate going from last few years, across the world. Few countries already declared internet access as a fundamental right for their citizens. In 2016, the UN declared the Internet as a basic fundamental human right, despite the declaration still some countries in-directly limited the usage of the internet of their citizens.

The resolution explains that “The same rights that people have offline must also be protected online”, particularly the freedom of expression is already been protected by article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights of the international covenant on civil and political rights. Though the resolution already passed, it was opposed by a small number of countries including Russia, China who wished to make a set of amendments. These amendments are supposed to delete all raised calls in the context of “Digital Human Rights” which will revoke the main key reference of the ” Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” which defines the language of freedom of expression.

Resolutions like these aren’t legally bound, but it does put an incline pressure over government bodies. It is significant that the UN has already condemned the internet shutdown around the globe.

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