Sweden Prosecutor dropped False Julian Investigation.


Prosecutors in Sweden have dropped the rape allegations made against Julian Assange in 2010.

Deputy prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson filed a false rape investigation against wiki-leaks co-founder, Julian Assange. But, because less evidence case was dropped she said at the today press conference.

Julian who always denied the false rape allegation made on him since 2010, has avoided expulsion to Sweden for 7 years after seeking refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy in 2012. The preceding investigation against Julian Assange is closed. Deputy Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson resumed it last spring after Julian Assange left Ecuador embassy. Today in a press conference she said – I have called this press to inform that first-investigation of Julian is now closed.

Earlier this year in September that seven new witness hearing will be held in the summer, out of which 2 were not heard before. Wikileaks co-founder Sir Julian Assange is now in the high-security prison in London awaiting court to make the final decision on whether to handover to the USA.

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