Jeremy Free Internet Promise Possible In Britan?


Jeremy Corbyn РLabour Party leader, spoke to students, last week at Lancaster University about the party’s proposal to deliver fast and free broadband across the country. But, the question arises, who will pay for it?

Where the UK, is about to exit from the EU, the raising interest in internet speed & making it free across the country seems likely to take the race in another direction.

Britain’s labor party introduced the country about free broadband across each and every house-hold in-country by the end of 2030, enough distraction for minds during the time of exit. However, the proposed interest raised a question – who is going to pay for it & how exactly will it be implemented?

Mr. Jeremy also spoke to students at Lancaster University that they are planning to take over the country’s every ISP. The proposed plan eventually put the government in the state of the enormous development of the infrastructure projects. Party said the proposed plan would cost around 20 billion British pounds which are going to be paid in the context of new government packages.

It is likely to be assumed that a huge tax on the country giant corporate will be maintained to make the project more successful and to maintain the future cost. According to Mr. Jeremy, Customers will likely save on an average of 39 British Pounds a month on services.

Matthew Howett (principal analyst at assembly) – No other country provide free broadband service to its citizen. In case they able to get it, they all will disappear, there is no way the consumer is going to pay if they get free from the government.

However, to catch up on the race of the countries that have already rolled out fiber connection, Britain has to negotiate on the purchase of an Openreach telecommunication company that has more than 65k employees and generating revenue of more than $6.5 billion.

When making a comparison, no other countries have ever rolled out free fiber connections across the country. However, the only compared project in Australia where the government tried to connect the country with the fiber connection in the last decade. Australian project has already been criticized for being a delay. The promise was, running the project over a quality service, which has not been fulfilled. However the country was known for the fastest internet speed, but taking the different aspect it is far away from reality. Matthew has already warned the country about political crises.

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