Civil Right’s Group Demands US congress to investigate Amazon privacy policy


A dozen of civil liberty groups around the world are coming together in order to demand a deep investigation over the Amazon privacy policies & issues raised so far. Amazon is already under high pressure from the antitrust lawmakers & investigators. These investigations are based on the different privacy policies being practiced by Amazon. Moreover, the investigators have already raised serious concerns about the facial recognization system being developed by Amazon Inc. The company hasn’t cleared it yet how the data collected by the facial recognization system is being processed.

The facial recognization system has already been an increased concern among the privacy chapters around the world.

According to privacy lovers and activist, giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook surveillance is at their heart which is their core monopolistic business rule.

The serious picture is how close you are with Amazon, they decide your behavior with what you browse on their store, moreover, information is also collected via users using Alexa. The data is harvested during peak season, for example- holidays or festivals. Users browse millions of products & buy them. In short, companies like Amazon collects the personal information (Name, address, phone number, card details) of their customer to process their products & AI surveillance program.

Amazon has access to our private data that they tend to easily manipulate our personal and professional life. Moreover, amazon devices at our homes listen & track our conversations which sometimes might contain information that we would not like anyone to keep track of. That includes our professional and banking information in the form of real-time recording.

Recently a case has been filed against Alexa, one of the most recent launches of Amazon, for recording and keeping track of our conversations. Bloomberg reported in the month of April that a team of Amazon and contractors are listening to all the Alexa user’s conversations. Where Amazon said – it’s just for review purpose “an extremely small number of interactions from a random set of customers in order to improve and enhance the customer’s experience”. That includes improvements in speech recognition, and that access to such data is tightly controlled and limited to a small number of employees. These “small number of employees” have access to a person’s location, conversations, monetary transaction information if case, one has hooked up Alexa with their phone.

What you can do in order to keep your privacy?

Keep your browser history clean and encourage the use of browsers like brave. Because chrome isn’t the ideal privacy-friendly browser.

Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices have a physical microphone-off button that can be pressed to ensure no recording takes place. Amazon also offers an option to delete Alexa recordings (but the question arises, is that data actually deleted?)

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