Embarrassed Situation Of Freedom Of Journalism In Democrats


Last week the corruption case issued against Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu includes the charges of manipulation of social media to secure his more favorable condition.

Such involvement is increasing around the world including democratic countries. Countries like Russia, turkey have seen to crackdown the media freedom in the last few years.

P.M Netanyahu was charged with creating an arrangement that he allegedly negotiated with a telecom giant of the country. The PM offered a favorable customized business regulation in exchange for positive coverage of him and his wife, Sara.

The deal was created with Shaul Elovitz – one of the major shareholders of the telecom group, Bezeq. Bezeq also owns a popular Israeli news channel, Walla. Netanyahu also charged with another deal with Tel-Aviv-based daily newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” to limit the circulation of its a competitor to provide more coverage and monetary benefit for them.

Even though Israel has a vibrant media- ecosystem, such an attempt to control the freedom of speech and journalism is not just limited to the country. Comparing it with other countries.

  • Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his allies took control of more than 90% of media independence. According to independent report – Orbán has planned an organized breakdown situation for the journalist, media and their outlet if they don’t provide favorable coverage for his administration.
  • The Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte’s government has used an aggressive “cyber libel” law to lodge multiple cases against all independent media site Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa.
  • Venezuela, US journalist was arrested and detained by the country’s military. On the command of President Nicolás Maduro.

But in some countries, even a simple act of reporting can be dangerous.

  • Egyptian, security forces raided the offices of the last major independent media company and temporarily detained three of its top editors.
  • Saudi Arabia, the government detained “at least eight people, mostly intellectuals and writers, amid a two-year crackdown on free expression and journalism.

The overreaching idea is “Freedom of Journalism” is being declined over the last few years, the most impacts were created by the governments using social media to monitor their citizen activity and spread disinformation at home and worldwide

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