Why To Chose Brave Over Your Existing Brower’s


Chrome has been in focus for a long time, such as ram consumption, ad trackers but on another hand, because of very quick results and speeds, it’s too hard for users to move to the privacy browser and privacy search-engine.

But after Brave release – the only browser market which directly challenges the google chrome.

The brave browser was developed by Brave Software co-founded by CEO – Brendan Eich and CTO- Brian Bondy back in 2016 with the main aim to remove all ad-trackers and the promising feature that will protect users digital privacy which will also reward the people for browsing the internet. Since then Brave was incorporated with the famous privacy browser such as TOR, which enhanced the search result too way faster compared to other existing browsers in the market. Currently, the stable version of the browser was released in November last year.

Here the some of the top features which standout Brave browser in compared to others:-

  • Protection – Soon after the famous Facebook user’s privacy scandal in 2016, nearly the world was shocked by how the big-data were tracking the user’s behavior to create a profile for voters around the world.
  • Tor Integration – Tor not only hides your history, but it also masks the user real-time location using routing via several servers. These encryption are made to increase anonymity.
  • Browsing – The company claims that the browser code run on chromium code which helps the server to return with more depth and fast user experience. It returns with 6x faster than any other browsers in the market. Moreover, it doesn’t even consume your ram power to run over mobile or computer.
  • Rewards – If you turn on the brave rewards, users can earn frequent brave tokens for browsing brave verified websites.

Company – Currently you can support your favorite web creators with your tokens, but soon you’ll be able to spend tokens on premium content, gift cards, and more.

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