Freedom Of Speech


Since the inception of the Internet, it has fundamentally increased user’s limitation to access the information in infinite ways, which empowered humans to connect with each other & share thought processes. But this also threatens the world while free speech is invented.

To bypass these threatens limitations to express your speech, digital media came into existence in the form of social media. To bypass these threatens limitation to express your speech, digital media came into existence in form of social media, broadcast media- which later on constrained by the corporate & legal entities gatekeepers who thriving speech online. Meanwhile, many journalists around the world started microblogging to deliver the state of speech & those real events which are now untold/hidden – stories. But on another hand Wikipedia, Internet Archive came into existence with the main feature to save those untold stories and truth but at the same time the state of speech is also getting threatened time to time, developers, coders are no truly limited to open/explore the state of art and innovations which risk them with the criminal penalties for practicing any kind of digital exploration, enabling innovation, repair or any kind of digital open activity is declared criminalized activity to control the freedom of speech. Similarly activist, whose opinion might be enough for to change the current stage of freedom of speech, their comfort zone is imposed by governments which force them by the central/legal entities surveillance program that constrain their freedom of living & expression. On the same hand, many journalists and digital media agencies are even controlled which makes limited to the public access information.